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We dont have 48 diferent strains from Dna-genetics in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Annunaki stock:Available
Blueberry Haze stock:Available
C-13 Haze stock:Available
Cannadential stock:Available
Cannalope Haze stock:Available
Cannalope Kush stock:Available
Chocolate Fondue stock:Available
Chocolope Kush stock:Available
Connie Chung stock:Available
D-Line stock:Available
Exodus Kush stock:Available
Grape LA stock:Available
HitMan OG stock:Available
Holy Grail Kush stock:Available
Honey BooBoo stock:Available
IsLAnd stock:Available
Kandy Skunk stock:Available
Kush Dream stock:Available
Kushberry stock:Available
L.A. Chocolat stock:Available
L.A. Confidential stock:Available
L.A. Woman stock:Available
Lemon OG Kush stock:Available
Lemon Skunk stock:Available
Martian Kush stock:Available
Martian Mean Green stock:Available
O.G. Skunk stock:Available
OG Grape Krypt stock:Available
OG LA Affie stock:Available
P.C.K. stock:Available
Pure Afghan stock:Available
Purple LA stock:Available
ReCon stock:Available
Rocklock stock:Available
Sharksbreath stock:Available
Silver LA stock:Available
SleeSkunk stock:Available
SnowLAnd stock:Available
Sour Cream stock:Available
Sour Krypt stock:Available
Sour Secret stock:Available
Stacked Kush stock:Available
Super Cannalope stock:Available
Super Lemon OG stock:Available
Sweet Haze stock:Available
Tangie stock:Available
Training Day stock:Available